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The American Kintsugi Project is a series of Graphic Novels culminating to a climactic animated series. The new universe of characters created by Atomic Heat Media was created by Matthew Johnson and is currently being illustrated by artist Anran Lin.

Together they have spent the last two years creating a series of stories that are on their way to publishing.

The anthology science fiction series follows the exploits of several members of Seattle Washington as they fight a powerful and corrupt private security company that is hell bent on world domination. Can the rag-tag group of enemies get along long enough to work together? 


A local Publisher

Issue one will be released digitally Wednesday August 30th to our early access Kickstarter backers. Issue one will be available to the public Two weeks later on September 13th through our webshop and various comic book shops from here to California.

Physical issues are printed by All issues will be published & distributed by Atomic Heat Media LLC.

All merchandise including but not limited too; stickers, posters, prints, screen printed shirts and buttons are manufactured and shipped from Atomic Heat Media HQ in Federal Way Washington.

All purchases of Merchandise, prints and publications benefit the "American Kintsugi" animated project.

This project has been promoted over the last two years at various conventions and events. Including Rose city Comicon, Wasabi Con, Emerald City Comic Con, and Sakura. As well as an established following on social media platforms. 



Physical Issue Prints

Single Issue

pre-order all 7 chapters of

volume 1: "Evils new Face"





4 inch Die cut vinyl stickers

$4.99/$8.99 (4pk)

44mm character pins

$5.99/$12.99 (4pk)


$3.75 per issue

($2.50 on orders over 25)
*minimum 10

Preorder all issues-

$2.00 per print

$10/ 25 pk one character

$100/ 25pk of each character

$50/ 100pk 44mm metal back pins 

$8.99/ $15.99 (4pk)

High quality Character Prints

$65/ 120pk

(30 prints per character)

Email Questions or Orders:

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