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"American Kintsugi"

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

America- A history of violence to "fix" problems.

Kintsugi - (Japanese) Using gold, silver, and other precious metals to mend and give character to broken objects.

Like all things American we've taken this beautiful word with a deep meaning and centuries of tradition and bastardized the absolute hell out of it. For profit.

To me, "American Kintsugi" is any hero who uses implants of any kind while going about their journey. I know, sounds stupid but here me out.

All protagonists who are seeking redemption are doing it for a reason. They have at onetime in their existence crossed a moral line that they once held sacred. This decision usually results in an injury of some type. Sometimes a mental scar can be more damaging than a physical one. The series of acts that our hero's undertake in search for redemption serves as a precious metal that's used to mend the broken hero.

In our case, we went a little too literal.

it's really just a very conceited way of saying "Big guns fix all problems".

This eleven-episode series that's currently being produced by Glass Iris Productions has been a labor of love for years. The work by the production staff and technical crew is matched by the talent and energy of the cast. We truly have something special here and we can't wait to share it.

Over the next few months, I will constantly be shoving updates in your social media feeds and awkwardly forcing you to acknowledge this blog if we meet in person. even if you didn't read it. And don't worry I'm sure you got far enough.

Also don't be a party pooper. Follow the project on Instagram and Facebook @americankintsugi Follow us on Patreon: American Kintsugi is creating an eleven episode animated series | Patreon like the cream of the crop- rise to the top. - House of Pain

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