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Isabella Soldaderas


Isabella Soldaderas is a military veteran who has lost more than just her memories. One day while trying to ease a migraine she is thrust into the middle of a world of problems. The worst part? Everyone she's never met blames her for the center of their problems. Problem is, they are right.

Her past finally starts to catch up to her. She must face the decisions she made that sent the world into a spiral. 

With the assistance of a mad bombing anarchist and a pair of ex bootlickers, she will not be alone when she fights.

Enjoy the ride as we, as well as Isabella, realize that maybe somethings aren't worth profits.


  "Smith" is a new E.L.I.T.E. (Enlisted Local Informant and Trained Enforcer) who works to help keep the streets safe from the degenerates of the world. Until he is forced to choose between his ideology and the cold truth of life as he is unsuspectingly thrust into an entire world of other people's issues.


SARAh HALL a.k.a "phase"

Phase is a long-time member of Apex Securities. Ex- Seattle Police and a badass with a no-bullshit attitude. A woman with a past she wishes she could forget. Unlike Isabella, Sarah has to live with her decisions every day.

Teamed with the newbie "Smith", She has to teach him the ways of corporate community policing while also looking for meaning. 

Her conundrum becomes complicated as the very company meant to protect the people is starting to become the problem.


Wrecker is a neo-anarchist hell bent on destroying the people and the property that took his life and family away from him.

He is a mad bomber with an attitude and a hair trigger. He is hell-bent of the destruction of anything he sees as wrong and manipulative. 

He has to lead Isabella through her past to get her to help in his mission.

Wrecker character pic.jpg




Walter is the C.E.O. of Apex Community Securitas who is a huge problem for Isabella. His thirst for survival drives him to stop Isabella from exposing every dark little secret. 

WMD Character image.png


A.R.G.U.S. stands for "Armed Robotic Guardian of the United States". It was developed by Forrester Tech to help defend the United States from digital threats. 

That was until it escaped with the help of Wrecker. It's spent its life jumping from video game to video game developing a love for human creation and an addiction.

It must now help Wrecker in his goal to teardown Apex Community Security. 

Dr. Forrester is a beast of different nature. Never settling to be Number two- She is only out for her own.

A secret within a secret, she must balance on a tightrope in order to keep the status quo. Any drift in either direction will spell havoc for everyone.

She must now assist Isabell in remembering what she wants her to remember while hoping her plans for control go unoticed.


The hired hitman for Apex. Roadblock was an accomplished fighter pilot who was shot down in battle. After surviving multiple surgeries he is now working to pay off his accumulated medical debt.

Roadblock full turnaround.jpg
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