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Creative director
janejira damron

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executive producer/writer 
matt johnson

kintsugi tour


This month was our first Con! We stalked around Sakura Con here in Seattle. Took some pictures of some great cosplayers and handed out some cards. If you got one, hello and welcome!  If you see yourself in the video please feel free to message us on Instagram for a copy. These are just some of the images we took throughout the weekend.

Photo By Matt Johnson of AtomicHeatMediaLLC


"American Kintsugi" is a self produced animated web-series that will be debuting early next year. We are currently in the production process of animating our pilot.

Feel free to explore the site, story and our progress as we pour our collective abilities into our passion project.

Washington State Summer Con: June 17th- 19th

Anirevo Summer Con: July 29th-31st
Wasabi Con: July 30th-31st

More to come!

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